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Life after Supplejack

Posted on 8 Feb 15

Just a brief note to let you know I've closed Supplejack to take up a full-time position as design lead in a large service organisation.

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Life after the Jam

Posted on 18 Mar 13

The Global Service Jam's over, and as an organiser of the Auckland event I'm much relieved. It's a lot of work, very exciting & a great learning opportunity. And it's prompted some observations on the nature of service design. 

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The rise and rise of the service economy

Posted on 4 Jan 13

Question: How long has New Zealand been a service economy?

Answer: Since the early 1900s ... pretty much our whole Pakeha economic history!

We've long though of ourselves as a primary sector economy, or more recently as a manufacturing one, perhaps because of our export earnings from these sectors. But those are myths, and in reality we've long been a service economy.

This blog explores the history of the service sector in New Zealand and highlights a range of opportunities for our local Service Design discipline and industry.

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Not driving: business success and a failed experiment

Posted on 30 Jun 12

No such thing as a 'failed experiment', of course, but I've heard people use the phrase, and I want to talk about both experiments and failure. The result is a longish blog as a reporting milestone.

As a brief summary, I tried not to drive myself from November 2010 to January 2012. The result for the business was a) no impact on  revenues, and more particularly, b) a spectacular increase in revenue per kg of CO2-e emitted, and c) a spectacular decrease in social costs. 

I talk about the implications for my business, and for business in general.

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Supplejack's 2011 - 2012 Annual Report

Posted on 15 Jun 12

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I present Supplejack's annual report for the 2011 - 2012. Year. It was a remarkable year, featuring strong revenues, a difficult market, an experiment with not driving, and a once-in-a-lifetime 3-month holiday in Europe. 

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Self-interest and service design

Posted on 29 Jan 12

Ethics doesn’t come up often in service design, so after the coverage of recent international financial crises and the Occupy Movement, I thought it might be worth pursuing.

Unfortunately, I'm a designer, not an economist. I had to go away and do some research, so here's what I found.

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A year of not driving

Posted on 15 Apr 11
Itís that time of year when we do our annual reports for the last and our plans for the next. My last year was definitely mixed blessings. After a couple of years of gearing up, I launched Supplejackís new service design platform, with some great help from green marketing professional Kath Dewar at GoodSense. And financially it was a good year. All good overall? ... more

When Hamilton does service design, the whole world follows

Posted on 23 Mar 11
A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of attending the global service design jam, in which 1,263 people worldwide created 203 new services in 48 hours. I was among eight service design heroes who attended NZís jam in Hamilton (aka ĎThe Troní), warmly hosted atWintec (thanks Marlene!) by Matt & Kelly of Divergent. ... more

Supplejack wins two awards!

Posted on 12 Feb 11
OK, so we submitted our co-design work with Waitemata District Health Board (Waitemata DHB) to NZ's Market Research Society (MRSNZ) Effectiveness Awards. We won a Gold in the Social and Community category. Much to our surprise, we also won Platinum for Effective Partnerships. (To clarify, a Gold is a second prize, if you like, and Platinum is a first.) ... more

My new vision for service sustainability

Posted on 1 Feb 11
Iíve a new vision for sustainability in services. It arose this wayÖ I recently had the honour to work with the Sustainable Business Network (SBN), providing service design expertise and tools to help them develop their offering to members. ... more

Measuring the good stuff in sustainability

Posted on 1 Feb 11
Following on from earlier attempts to measure and report the sustainability of my business (see below), Iíve been preoccupied with a new problem. Iíve been bothered by sustainabilityís tendency to focus on reducing bad stuff. Iím missing the focus on creating good stuff, mostly because thatís what I really want my business to be about. ... more

Social sustainability and service design

Posted on 1 Feb 11
I'm very interested in social sustainability because it's so material to service design. But it's not well-developed in the literature, so this blog is about an experiment. ... more

Ideas to interest and irritate.

These days the pace of change is a given, and for Supplejack, the real challenge is the pace of learning.

This blog is about things we're learning. It's mostly about topics where we find little or no published information. 

So it's about the best sense we can make at the edge.  Not that we're exactly sure which edge!  

Contrary to popular views, being at the edge is not a solitary pursuit, and as it happens, here we are, you and us...

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